Ember Awards 2019

Two new Ember Awards!!! Thank you Digital Alberta!


What a great way to celebrate a fantastic journey this year, learning about a variety of topics, from Organic Chemistry to Insect & Human interaction!

Last Friday November 8th, our team at Onlea had the honour of receiving two Ember Awards.

The first one was in the category of Formal Learning (K-12 or Post-Secondary) for the Mastering Spectroscopy mobile application developed for Dr. Hayley Wan, Director of Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratories, University of Alberta, and Dr. Florence Williams, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at University of Iowa.

"Collaboration with Onlea has helped to create a high quality app to assist students with the learning of organic spectroscopy - something that we could not have accomplished on our own. The Onlea team is enthusiastic, engaged and always ready for the next step. It has been a great experience working with Onlea. We look forward to our continued partnership and further extension of this successful project!"
Dr. Hayley Wan
Director of Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratories, University of Alberta

The second award goes to a unique MOOC produced by Onlea for Dr. Maya Evenden and the SciLIFT team at the University of Alberta: Bugs 101!

Have you always been fascinated by creepy crawlies? Bemused by bumble bees? Did you know there are over 300K species of Beetles, and one is even named for the Beatles? Then Bugs 101 is the course for you.

Congratulations to all the digital innovators in Alberta! Together we are showing the world the fantastic creative talent within our province.

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