Bugs 101: Insect-Human Interactions - University of Alberta

The University of Alberta wanted to engage learners everywhere about the importance of insects to our echo systems.


Have you always been fascinated by creepy crawlies? Bemused by bumble bees? Did you know there are over 300K species of Beetles, and one is even named for the Beatles? Then Bugs 101 is the course for you.

The University of Alberta was looking for a course that would showcase the Bio Sciences faculty, and draw on both the historical and current resources on campus. They also needed to engage learners globally off campus while also serving as a solid undergrad course for students registered in any program. Bugs 101: Insect-Human Interactions was the result.

To achieve both the broad and specific goals set out by UofA we designed a visual language that was true to traditional biology anatomical illustrations we're all familiar with from textbooks but made them accessible, beautiful and animated them wherever possible to bring the myriad creatures of the insect world to life. This video-based course uses 4 instructors, disseminating over 15 hours of material that will leave learners wowed by the diversity and interconnectedness of the insect and human worlds. The course is mounted on Coursera, and thus available to learners the world over.

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