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Onlea’s mission is to produce mindful online learning and our goal is to advance quality online learning experiences around the world by crafting interactive products that promote student engagement and retention. We are a Canadian company producing flexible, mobile-friendly, interactive learning courses, educational experiences, and assessment solutions.

We distribute across a wide variety of mobile app stores, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms, open source learning platforms, and Learning Management Systems (LMS) used by academia and industry.

What Will You Teach The World?

Our Team

Onlea’s award winning team is the very definition of diversity. We draw on the different backgrounds and varied skill sets to approach online learning from a singular point of view. Our team includes people from the gaming industry, film & television, graphic design, industrial design, instructional design and corporate project management.

We strongly believe that a range of viewpoints, experiences and learning styles gives us the ability to approach each project with a learner centered bias, and to create the most engaging online learning experiences possible on any subject, regardless of budget.

Our courses have won awards, been listed amongst Class Central’s Top 50 MOOCS of all time and have engagement rates much higher than the industry norm, but the thing our team is most proud of is how successful our online learning tools have proven to be for learners and institutions. Sharing knowledge is our passion.

Our Culture

Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility

Onlea stands out as the eLearning provider that is fully dedicated to creating inclusive and accessible learning experiences. When spaces are safe and accommodating for everyone, we all win. We focus on:

  • Promoting inclusivity through instructional design, eliminating obstacles to learning while addressing diverse learning preferences.
  • Removing cultural and gender biases through attention to sensitivities and inclusive language.
  • Written content and elements that allow diverse learners to relate and connect with the material.

A driven team with empathy and desire to deliver a better online learning


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