Introducing Onlea LX Labs


Today is an exciting day for the entire team at Onlea as we’re launching a brand new arm of our business. Introducing Onlea LX Labs. LX Labs focuses on the tools and principles of Learner Experience Design is the intersection of pedagogy, technology and design that puts learners front and center.

After years of building some of the most successful, enduring, and accessible learning experiences in the world, we’ve got a ton of knowledge and expertise to share. The problem was, only people who were building courses with us got the benefits of that knowledge.

That changes today.

We know that every organization is at a different stage of their online learning journey. With Onlea LX Labs, we’re offering you the opportunity to pick the brains of our diverse and dedicated learning professionals, and take away exactly what you need to improve your online learning experiences. We’re offering workshops, learning tools, 1 on 1 coaching, and more. We want to help you create better learning environments for everyone you teach, because we really do believe that learning is for everyone.

Visit us today and book a needs assessment with one of our LX experts.

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