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We help organizations and individuals build vital knowledge pathways for their students, teams and customers through learning experience design, strategy and research (LXD).

LX Labs is committed to making the exchange of knowledge relevant, engaging and accessible.

What we do at LX Labs

Content Development
One-on-One Consulting
and Problem Solving
Strategic Planning and Workshops
Strategic Planning and Workshops
Training and Team Capacity Building
Training and Team
Capacity Building
Learner Research and Usability Testing
Learner Research and
Usability Testing
Course Review and Accessibility Compliance
Course Review and Accessibility Compliance

How we can help you

  • New to Online Learning/Training Support
  • Program and Course Roadmaps
  • Learner Personas and Journey Mapping
  • Learner Research and Requirements
  • Market and Trend Research
  • Business Plans and Grant Writing Support
  • Prototypes and Proof of Concept
  • Course Marketing Strategy
  • Organizational Learning Strategy

  • Program/Course Branding
  • Custom Templates/Slide Decks
  • SME Collaboration Strategy
  • Script Writing Support
  • Content Delivery Strategy
  • Choosing a Course Authoring Tool
  • Choosing a Learning Management System
  • Interactives and Assessments
  • Course Community Drivers

  • User testing and Feedback Gathering
  • SCORM and xAPI Support
  • Learning Outcome Testing
  • User Experience Audits and Optimization
  • Data Gathering and Tracking Options
  • Course Administration Plans

  • Accessibility Compliance Reviews
  • Course Performance Analysis
  • Course Uplift Plans

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A Different Way to Think About Learning

What is LX Design? Well in short, Learner Experience Design is the intersection of all the pedagogy, design thinking, and technology involved in learning today. Bad design creates barriers for learners and teachers alike. By employing the positive LX design principles we've honed in on our years of building award winning courses, we can help you streamline and enhance your own online learning offerings.


A Space to Experiment and Play With Ideas

Onlea LX Labs is where we're bringing everything together to share with you. It's a place to experiment, play with ideas and learn from each other. We know everyone's at a different point in their learning journey. We meet you on your terms to find the best solutions for you.

We can offer you a series of Learning Strategy workshops designed to help you create a working roadmap for your own strategic plans. We also offer one-on-one consulting to help you solve your most complex and nuanced issues.

Our Approach
WHY Onlea?


We Live and Breathe Online Learning

At Onlea we've been involved in the creation of some of the most innovative and successful learning experiences in the world. Over the years we've developed a series of learning principles and strategies that put learners front and centre and create solutions for the problems they face learning online. It all comes together with LX. We believe that if you can teach it, you can teach it online, and we can teach YOU how to do that. By sharing what we've learned, in a manner that's customized to your needs, we'll save you money, streamline your processes, and most importantly, give your learners a much better experience.