ASTech Awards 2022

This year, we are truly proud to have two amazing learning experiences built for partners in the Alberta community being named a finalist for the ASTech awards.

Indigenous-led Entrepreneurship and Contribution to Knowledge

In the category of Indigenous-led Entrepreneurship and Contribution to Knowledge we are honoured to celebrate Métis Nation of Alberta and Reagan Bartel, Director of Health on being a finalist.

Métis Nation of Alberta Logo

The Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) Department of Health works to provide culturally appropriate, self-directed health and wellness opportunities that address the unique health profile of Métis Albertans and their communities. Recognized as a voice for Métis people, the MNA has received recognition for both their Métis-specific research and community wellness initiatives across a variety of health related topics that centre the voice and experiences of Métis people living in Alberta.

In support of MNAs vision for the community, Onlea helped develop the Online Opioid Awareness & Community-Based Naloxone Training Course which helps Citizens to build the skills, attitude, and knowledge to respond to an opioid emergency effectively and confidently.

Social Innovation/Educational Technologies

In the category of Social Innovation/Educational Technologies is great to see the work from our team at LX Labs and the LX Labs Lead William Fritzberg recognized for their work with Sherwood Park Primary Care Network (SPPCN).

SPPCN and Onlea LX Labs worked together to design a hybrid of online and in-person learning that could meet diverse patient needs while expanding the capacity of busy clinician educators. Through this initiative, Onlea and SPPCN had the common goal of increasing the accessibility of healthcare education in Alberta and beyond.  The vision is to empower clinician educators to deliver engaging and effective education to both in-person and online  patients with fewer barriers, and to develop high quality healthcare education programs.

LX Labs by Onlea Logo

Onlea LX Labs helps organizations and individuals build vital knowledge pathways for their students, teams and customers through learning experience design, strategy and research (LXD). LX Labs is committed to making the exchange of knowledge relevant, engaging and accessible.

Thank you

We are truly thankful to Technology Alberta, the ASTech Awards, and Gail Powley for their continuous support of technology and innovation community in Alberta.

It's an honour to be among so many amazing award finalists.  Looking forward to meeting you at the award ceremony on Friday November 4th.

About the ASTech Awards

The ASTech Awards recognize and celebrate our brightest minds and the greatest achievements of outstanding individuals and organizations in the Alberta science and technology innovation community.

To learn more about the ASTech Awards you can visit their website at:

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