Video Blog: Meet the Team "Influences"

Here at Onlea we do a lot of work with video, from filming to animation to editing to scriptwriting. With that in mind we thought it might be fun, from time to time, to do video blogs instead of traditional written blogs. Our first vlog series will introduce you to members of our team, sometimes as a group, sometimes individually. Today we're going to give you a bit of a group video.

A little while ago, we set up the lights and camera in our own offices and put ourselves front and centre, something not all of us were comfortable with I might add. We took turns answering questions and one of the most interesting questions posed was: What is your biggest influence in life or on your work? Easy right? Here's the answers from a few of our team members for you. Now ask yourself, what influences the why and the how of what you do each day? We'd love to hear your answers so let us know.

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Jeff Woodward

Jeff Woodward

Creative Director at Onlea