Empower your Team

Transform your training from a cost centre to a profit centre by creating enduring, engaging training tools.

Empower your staff to learn, share knowledge with one another whether they’re down the hall or around the world.

Engage your Clients

Build brand loyalty and customer satisfaction through online learning.

Reduce barriers to satisfaction and allow customers to troubleshoot more easily on their own.

Educate your Learners

Your learners are eager to engage with smart, intuitive learning journeys.

Increase the reach and completion rates of your programs by providing compelling and interactive e-Learning experiences.

Expand your Brand

Build awareness of what your organization does by sharing your expertise with clients audience partners.

Expand your brand’s reach far beyond conferences and traditional marketing.

e-Learning Production Services

Onlea's creative studio offers a wide variety of production services and can help you deliver learning experiences that engage and inspire. Our solutions are professionally crafted and can be accessed on your learning platform of choice. Yes, that means you are not tied to a specific platform or LMS. We deliver long-lasting e-Learning journeys that give you back the time you need to focus on your goals and your learners.

Instructional Design

Our learning designers help you transform your knowledge into compelling, dynamic e-Learning journeys. Our team can assist you in structuring your current material into digital friendly formats that beget interactivity and engagement.

We start by getting to know your learners and developing a learning strategy: Who are you trying to reach? What do they need to learn? Where are your learners? Why is it important they learn from you? How do you put it all together in a comprehensive, engaging and enduring e-learning solution?

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e-Learning Development

From micro-learning to Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs). From micro-credentials to complete academic programs. No matter how big or small, we can help you create online learning experiences that keep your learners engaged and help them bridge the gap between understanding and application.

Our multidisciplinary team adapts to your requirements and delivers accessible and engaging e-Learning solutions. We can support your goals by applying learning design, technical writing, multimedia design, videography, animation, podcasting, software development, project management and quality assurance to your specific needs.

We provide different levels of interactive learning journeys sure to fit your budget and timeline needs.

Craft your Vision

Learning Interactives

More and more, learning is moving into the realm of apps, games, AR, and VR. Let us assess your learning needs and help you fulfill your dreams of creating the next great thingamjig that's so new it doesn't even have a name yet.

Your learners need to practice the skills they need to succeed independent of their location and accessibility requirements. We can help you develop learning interactives, mobile applications, and lab simulations that can reach your learners wherever they are.

With innovative and immersive approaches, you can do more than inform. You can change how learners see the world, empower them to do more, and inspire them to create new opportunities.

Activate your Training

The right team to redefine your expectations of online learning

You don't have to settle for boring and low quality eLearning. At Onlea, we work with our clients to achieve the highest possible engagement, completion, and retention rates in every learning experience we develop.

Our dedicated team works in a wide variety of disciplines, from instructional design to animation and video production to application development, all working together to create engaging and cohesive learning experiences, including:

  • Explainer videos and animations
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Asynchronous online courses
  • Blended learning modules
  • Micro-courses
  • VR/AR lab simulations
  • Digital workshops

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