How to choose a Learning Management System (LMS)

If you're in the middle of moving your courses, workshops, or training materials to an online format, a questions you might be asking is: Where do I host my content?

Or, if you've already chosen a Learning Management System (LMS), you might be wondering if it was the right choice.

To help with these questions, the Onlea team has developed a short manual to help you navigate the different options available for hosting online course content. We hope that our experience in working with different LMS will help you find the answers you need.

Ready to learn more about choosing the right LMS?

If you have questions about how to build engaging learning experiences or which features to use in an LMS, contact our team at

Online education is not a replacement for good teachers. It's about giving learners and teachers more options.

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Adriana Lopez Forero

Adriana Lopez Forero