Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC)

An accessible, online training program as engaging and effective as the live, in-person version.


RHFAC is a rating system that helps building owners and tenants measure the meaningful accessibility of their property and promotes increased access through universal design principles.

In 2019, Onlea partnered with Athabasca University and the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) to develop an online version of the RHFAC assessment services training. A primary goal was to create online training that matched or even exceeded the quality of the in-person training workshops while expanding access to learners across the country.

The content had to meet high standards for accessibility, including:

  • Compatibility with assistive technologies like screen readers.
  • Navigation that did not rely solely on visual interfaces or mouse use.
  • Closed captioning on video media.
  • Full transcription of audio elements.
  • High-contrast graphic designs friendly to people with low vision or colour blindness.

Onlea worked closely with stakeholders and subject matter experts at RHF to redevelop their existing material as an engaging online experience. The resulting course includes videos and readings, interactive tools and activities, knowledge checks, peer discussions, as well as access to a course facilitator and several synchronous sessions where learners can ask questions and receive coaching.

Among the interactive elements are two 3D simulations: one where learners experience the built environment from the perspectives of people with varying disabilities and a virtual fieldwork simulation where learners practice their new skills by assessing various spaces for accessibility.

The complete program is ten weeks long, with a seat time of six to eight hours per week. All course modules were authored in Articulate Rise and are SCORM-compliant.

More information about the program is available on Athabasca University’s PowerED website: Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ Training