ReSkilled podcast Episode 3: Bootcamps (Part 1)

Episode 3 of the ReSkilled podcast is now available! Listen below to part 1 of a two-part exploration of tech training boot camps.

Pursuing jobs in Canada's growing tech industry often involves learning a new set of skills, but going back to school isn't practical or appealing to everyone. An alternative is a job-training bootcamp — a short, intense learning experience designed to give people from non-tech backgrounds the training they need to fill roles in the digital economy.

In this episode, we talk to two people who help to deliver these kinds of programs:

  • Alyssa Diehl is the Workforce Development Manager of Manpower's Techcareers program in Edmonton, which prepares people to transition from non-tech careers to jobs in the industry.
  • Margo Purcell is the founder and CEO at InceptionU, and Non-Technical Facilitator for their EvolveU program. This private, non-profit educational institution helps students develop the skills and competencies that will allow them thrive in our rapidly-changing digital economy.

Episode 3 Transcript

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