ReSkilled Podcast Episode 2: Informal vs Formal Learning

Episode 2 of our new podcast, ReSkilled, is now available! This time we explored the differences between informal and formal learning.

Show notes for Episode 2: Informal vs Formal Learning

Where do you turn when you want to learn something? Many kinds of informal learning are just a quick internet search away, and tend to be low cost and flexible, while formal learning options like classes offer structure, credentials, and access to a trained instructor.

In this episode we interview two very different kinds of teachers:

  • Becky Han is an Inuk singer-songwriter who uses social media to share and teach her native language, Inuktitut. Find Becky on Twitter.

  • David Hay has over ten years of experience teaching both children, teens, and adults about science and technology. He’s currently working with not-for-profit Cybera to help teachers apply data analysis and computational thinking into their classrooms.

To view the transcript visit:

The music you heard between the interviews was I’m Not Sad (the English translation), by Becky Han.

ReSkilled is brought to you by Onlea, an eLearning production company located on Treaty 6 land in Amiskwaciy Waskahikan, also known as Edmonton, Canada.

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