Pressure Equipment Legislation - ABSA

ABSA works with its stakeholders to ensure that pressure equipment is designed, constructed, installed, operated, maintained and decommissioned in a manner that protects public safety.


ABSA came to Onlea with a difficult mandate. They needed to convert an in person class to an online offering to make the material more available to an extremely busy, and mobile group of learners for whom the 2 day, in person class was difficult to attend.

The most difficult adaption was the PESL course serves a diverse range of learners in terms of their education and technical experience. In person the course tends toward a wide ranging Q&A with various instructors and not a lot of direct instruction.

Onlea worked with ABSA’s team of subject matter experts to completely rework the PESL class for online delivery. Our Learning Designers incorporated self evaluating interactives so that learners could track their own learning and focus on any areas of legislation where they need help. Our Multimedia Design team incorporated video, interactive graphics and even podcasts into the course to make it easier for people to learn no matter where they were trying to access the course.


Instructional Design
Technical Writing
Graphic Design
Podcast Production
Software Development