Onlea: A look at 2022 through the lens of the past two years

A letter from the CEO    

This past year, Onlea continued its mission to remove barriers to education. Our transition to a for-profit corporate organization in 2020 came amid a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and our team rose to the occasion. We showed our ability to adapt, learn, and provide value to our clients and community while the world of online education continued to change.

In 2020 the pandemic accelerated our clients' need to move their training to a digital format. Some organizations already had a digital strategy in place, which allowed them to focus on the quality of their online offerings. Traditionally, this is the area where Onlea can provide the most value. As such, we continued to provide high-quality eLearning production services with an emphasis on accessible and inclusive designs.

It's worth noting that not all organizations were prepared for the changes that the pandemic brought forward. Many institutions were still in the early stages of their digital transformation and had to cobble together plans to support their learners online. In response to this need, we started our consulting arm, LX Labs, in early 2021. In its first months of operation, LX Labs achieved its initial target revenue, setting the basis for expanding the consulting services provided in the upcoming year.

As we continued working remotely in 2021, our team had opportunity to re-invent how we collaborate as a team and find creative processes and tools to stay connected and continue serving our clients and partners. The strength of our strategy as a learning organization showed in the form of a 45% growth in gross revenue as we were able to adapt to the changing needs and requirements of our clients in a growing market.

The growth fueled the strategic investments required for the long-term success of Onlea. The investment focused on the transition to a for-profit organization, improvements to the tools and processes needed to develop accessible online courses, LX Labs startup costs, and finally, project KIND, our first R&D product development initiative.

I'm proud of being part of our team of creative minds with a passion for changing and improving traditional education formats. It's been four years leading Onlea, and to this day, I continue to be humbled by the opportunity to learn from our clients and our team.

Wishing you an amazing 2022 filled with unique learning journeys,

Adriana Lopez Forero (she, her)

Onlea's annual report for FY21.

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Adriana Lopez Forero (she, her, elle, ella)

Adriana Lopez Forero (she, her, elle, ella)

Onlea's Co-Founder & CEO