VR Simulator Client Onboarding

Serious Labs needed a series of videos to help customers set up their VR training rig.


Serious Labs provides VR training simulators that help companies train employees in operating commercial equipment such as forklifts and cranes. In 2020, Onlea partnered with Serious on a series of videos for customers explaining how to unpack and set up their new VR simulator rig for training in Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).

It was important customers set their VR training rigs up safely. The videos needed to be focused, ultra-accessible, and simple enough that a person with little technical experience could get the job done.

Onlea provided art direction, script editing, video production, and post-production services.

To minimize distractions and present the content clearly, Onlea filmed the set-up process in a black box environment. In post-production, graphic elements were added to further emphasize key steps and measurements.

Videos were designed for both both mobile and desktop to accomodate users in whatever setting they may be.

More information about the MEWP simulator can be found at SeriousLabs.com