MEWP Onboarding - serious:labs

Serious Labs is on a mission to reduce the risk of jobsite incidents through safe, actionable training.


Serious:Labs, one of the most innovative training companies in the world came to us for help in training their customers on their MEWP VR Simulator. They needed a series of videos to help customers unpack, assemble and use the Simulator. The videos needed to be ultra-accessible, very task focused and simple enough that a person with little technical experience could get the job done.

To accomplish this, we filmed the setup in a black box environment so that there wouldn’t be any visual distractions from the equipment and the steps. Where necessary, we augmented the video visuals with graphics to emphasize measurements or steps for learners.

What we gave them were a series of instructional videos that could be viewed as easily on a phone as on a big screen, so that no matter where or when someone needs to set up a MEWP VR Simulator, they’ll be able to do so.


Art Direction
Video Production
Script Editing

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