Cannabis Trimming and Production - NorQuest College

Ever thought about a career in the burgeoning Canadian cannabis industry? Explore our course, co-produced with NorQuest College. You’ll learn the fundamentals needed to work at a Canadian licensed producer. This course can be taken remotely or with hands-on training through NorQuest.


In 2019 NorQuest College asked us to partner with them in the production of a groundbreaking new course for a brand new industry. Cannabis had just been legalized and NorQuest presciently recognized the need the industry was going to have for educated and well-trained workers. We worked with them and their industry partners to create a web based course that engages learners, gives them an overview of the history of cannabis production as well as immerses them in the world of regulations, standard operating procedures and best practices they’ll need to break in to a vital and growing industry. The course employs video tutorials, interactive learning, high end animation work and insightful knowledge from some of the leaders in the industry. Launched in the summer of 2019, Cannabis Trimming and Production is a market-leading course in training and educating workers in the cannabis industry.

You can enroll in this course with NorQuest College.