Learning Apps

Onlea creates learning apps based on new or existing digital courses or MOOCs. We are passionate about connecting learning to our online world. We don’t believe in a $100+ textbook. We embrace the interactive gestures mobile devices give learners. We want the practice time a mobile learning app gives us. We want to learn in the order that makes sense to us.

We believe the textbook of the future is an app. We create free and freemium learning apps based on our clients’ courses.

Mastering Spectroscopy

Onlea works with clients on specifc apps that provide flexible time and mobility for students to practice challenging concepts towards subject mastery. In Mastering Spectroscopy, learners practice organic chemistry by analyzing Infrared (IR), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), and mass spectrum data for a variety of organic samples. They can identify functional groups and proton types in the graphs, then build the compound based on their findings.

Past Imperfect: A Canadian History Project Video Response iPad App

Onlea builds learning apps that provide bridges between physical and virtual experiences. With the Art Gallery of Alberta, we designed a companion iPad app installed within the Past Imperfect exhibition. Visitors can recall their own experience, tell their story, or leave a message to others and watch others’ recordings in in this public space dedicated to AGA visitor voices. Stories are seamlessly uploaded into AGA’s YouTube channel for global sharing.

Dino 101 App

Download the Dino 101 app, the University of Alberta’s e-textbook companion to their popular Dino 101 MOOC on Coursera™! This stand-alone app contains Dino 101 course videos and interactive learning objects (like puzzles and games) for all dinosaur lovers. The first lesson in the course is free. Additional lessons ($0.99 USD) or the whole course ($9.99 USD) can be purchased within the app. All profits go towards paleontology research at the University of Alberta.

Plan Handler

Onlea's free web app is a lightweight release planning tool for software product managers, development team leads, and anyone who needs an easy way to manage sprints or user stories as part of their Agile planning. It includes a step-by-step tour to help you if you are learning release planning for the first time and is an excellent tool to help manage small software projects. Plan Handler was inspired by our work on the Software Product Management Specialization on Coursera™ offered by the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta

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