Learning About Inclusion And Diversity All Year Round

Pride Support Doesn’t End in June

Pride month is ending today, but don't stop being an ally to the LGBTQIA2S+ community! Support should be present year round, and one way to do so is by being considerate with your use of pronouns.

A few years ago, Onlea worked with the Pride Centre of Edmonton on an explainer video to help people understand the different ways people use pronouns and how to engage with them respectfully.

We're proud of our work on this project, and have received multiple requests from organizations that would like to use it for staff training or workshops. We've even produced a new version for St. Andrews University in Scotland that includes their institution's branding and multiple “Scottish” voices for narration that were representative of different genders and pronouns.

We're not the only ones creating free resources like this, so keep an eye out for opportunities to learn and support your local gender-diverse community, whether it's June, January, or any other month of the year.

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Beau Desaulniers