Graphic Design Fundamentals - Onlea Corporation

Think like a designer. This five part course produced by Onlea will give you the foundational principles to incorporate design thinking into all of your communication.


Graphic Design Fundamentals is a five part course hosted by noted designer and marketer Brandon Webber and produced by the fine design minds at Onlea.

In this course you’ll be introduced to foundational principles of graphic design, see how they apply to various types of communication and learn how to bring a designers type of thinking into your everyday communication.

This online course will teach you the Graphic Design principles that communication professionals use every day. It will not make you a designer overnight, but it will make you a better communicator. Lesson 1 will give you an Introduction to Graphic Design and Gestalt Theory. Lesson 2 delves into Colour Theory and how colour can affect communication without any words being used at all. Lesson 3 will introduce you to the world of Typography. Why do designers love Helvetica and hate Comic Sans? Why does one type of font work in print but not on a screen? Answer these questions and more. In Lesson 4 you’ll learn the power of Imagery and Layout. You’ll learn how to organize words and images into a cohesive piece that communicated your ideas in the most efficient, powerful way possible. Lesson 5 is where you’ll put it all together. You’ll use the knowledge from the first 4 lessons to make your communication much more effective, elegant and maybe even more beautiful.

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