Episode 4: The Tech Bootcamp Experience (Part 2)

Episode 4 of the ReSkilled podcast is now available! Listen below to part 2 of our exploration of tech training bootcamps.

In the last episode, we explored the world of bootcamps— condensed training programs designed to prepare people from non-tech backgrounds for roles in Canada's digital economy. We spoke with two people from some of Alberta-based programs about their approaches, their goals for the bootcamps, and how they adapted to the physical distancing measures of spring 2020.

In this episode we flip the script and look at bootcamps from the student perspective. We talk with a couple of tech professionals who at one point in their careers decided that a bootcamp was the best re-skilling path for them. We ask them what worked, what didn’t, and if they’d recommend bootcamps to other folk looking for alternatives to traditional post-secondary programs.

  • Remi Nelson is an entrepreneurial spirit who tried on a variety of different careers before settling into the tech world as a full stack developer. She’s currently a Lead Dev op at 2sWater.com and launched her foray into the tech industry via a technical bootcamp on the west coast.
  • Blessing Onyegbula is an IT professional with years of tech experience in some of the worlds largest oil and gas companies. However most of her experience was in her native Nigeria and when she moved to Canada in 2018 she found navigating the Canadian job market more challenging than expected. To help, she enrolled in the EmployAbilities program, with the goal of honing her resume and better marketing her existing skills and knowledge.

Transcript to come.

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