Canadian Citizenship Part 2 - Deaf Learn Now

Have you ever wondered how learners with unique requirements study for the Canadian Citizenship exam? They do it with the help of groups like Deaf Learn Now. Check out the Citizenship preparation course we helped them build and see if you, too, can pass the test.


The challenge presented to us by Deaf Learn Now was to build on their existing course which helps prepare new Canadians with hearing loss for their citizenship exam. This course presented many unique challenges for our production team and we learned a great deal from the team at George Brown about the ways that learning & communication are different for those with hearing impairments. The course incorporates video, with an ASL instructor on screen explaining concepts, text based tools, as well as imagery relevant to both the material and the learners. In addition the course has interactive quizzes that let the learner self assess as they prepare for the real citizenship exam.

You can register for the course through Deaf Learn Now.