Breaking News: Onlea Launches Online Store for Creators

Update - April 11, 2024

Since 2023, we've reimagined the LX Store as Onlea Engage, transforming our platform into a dynamic learning hub to better serve the needs of thought leaders, DIY educators and entrepreneurs on the move.

Visit Onlea Engage and download your Free Slide Deck Bundle today!

Onlea is launching a new online store for learning creators! More than ever before, organizations are sharing their knowledge and skill-building resources digitally.

We’re excited to share with you, LX Store, stocked with a variety of friendly and accessible resources that let anyone get started faster, create better learning experiences, and publish with less hassle.

LX Store products are based on tools and resources we created to help us better serve clients. This is our first time we’ve made them available to other members of the eLearning development community and beyond.

This is a new step for the Onlea team, and an opportunity for us to learn, too! We’d love to hear your thoughts and any feedback, as well as ideas for new products that you would like to see us create.

To celebrate the LX Store’s launch, Onlea is sharing a free Slide Deck Template Bundle! Created by our talented Learning Experience experts and visual designers, these templates are designed to save you time with fresh and appealing layouts and flexible content options, and are based on award-winning work with our clients.

Visit the LX Store and download your Free Slide Deck Bundle today!

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