Mental Health - Athabasca University

How do you deal with self care and stress when you’re a distance student in university? This was the question we tried to help Athabasca University answer when we helped them build their Mental Health support program.


As a distance learning institution with almost 40 000 students located all over the world, Athabasca University faces unique challenges when ensuring good mental health support for its faculty, staff and students. They came to us with a list of challenges around making an engaging, robust and versatile program to promote best practices in the realm of self care and mental health. We worked with psychological professionals on the AU staff to craft this course which aims to change the conversation around mental health for learners who take it. We employed various types of media in this web based course to create an easy to navigate, compelling and narrative driven program which helps equip learners and staff to deal with the stress of working through a degree while balancing the duties and travails of every day life.