Thank you 2022 & Welcome 2023

Annual Reports are a great opportunity for reflecting on accomplishments and challenges, which means approaching them with thoughtfulness, hope, and vulnerability.

This annual report was no exception. As we reflect on 2022 as a year of learning and growth for our team at Onlea, we also see the areas where there is room for change and transformation.

I'm overwhelmingly thankful to our clients and partners for giving us the opportunity to support your learning communities.  I'm also incredibly proud of our team at Onlea and everything you have been able to learn and accomplish.

Through this lens, I look forward to co-creating engaging and accessible pathways to knowledge in 2023.

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Adriana Lopez Forero (she, her, elle, ella)

Adriana Lopez Forero (she, her, elle, ella)

Onlea's Co-Founder & CEO