Networking: It's All Mutual

A blog post by Nikhil Chhikara, Business Development Manager

Standing in the middle of a room, looking at people having discussions with one another and seeking opportunities to start a conversation. This is a scenario, professionals and entrepreneurs will not find hard to imagine. The term most commonly used to describe the process is called Professional Networking.

The easiest way to describe this term is by giving it a different name: professional relationship building. It is about meeting and socializing with people from similar profession or industry and exchanging ideas while building a strong professional relationship.

Networking can be done through various online and offline channels. Social media has made the process easier, however it is not recommended to be used as the primary tool for networking. Meeting people in person is still considered to be more efficient process of getting to know others and building stronger relationships. Therefore, one should not miss a single opportunity to network in person and interact with the professionals or contacts acquainted through online channels.

Why are people advocating for it?

We have started hearing the term more often as the people around keep reminding us of its significance and the positive outcomes. Professional Gurus have also highlighted it as an essential professional skill one must possess as it is a valuable way to learn from the success of others and expand your knowledge. It also provides us with an opportunity of talking to highly influential people that one wouldn’t find easily. Therefore, let’s dig deeper and seek more clarification about the positive outcomes professional networking can provide.

Meeting the right ones

A right network in the right places can help you fetch your chance to build your contacts. As the chances are, you’ll meet a lot of experienced professionals and experts in your sector. If you’re at the beginning of your career, getting tips and insights from those who’ve been there and done it all before can be priceless. If you are thinking to progress in your career or expanding your business : these circumstances are sometimes more easily solved with a careful help from others.

Opportunities that are yet to surface

With a motivated group of business professionals comes an abundance of opportunities.
Many opportunities (perhaps even most jobs) aren’t advertised. The fact is that people recommend people they know and trust. So, if you want to grab a chance of getting that sought after internal promotion, or moving to a more interesting or challenging role with a new company, networking allows you to discover these opportunities. You need to make sure that opportunities that you get involved in should align with your business goal to help you gain that additional insight and knowledge.

What we know and what we don't

While you shouldn’t limit your networking to a single industry, the chances are that most of the people you meet with will work in the same sector as you. This means it can be a great opportunity to learn about the latest moves and trends in your industry and stay abreast of major developments. Networking can be a great source of fresh ideas, new perspectives, and ideas to help you in your day-to-day job.

Raising your profile and confidence

One of the benefit of networking is being visible and getting noticed. Networking helps your face / business become known to others. You can build your reputation as a reliable and supportive person by offering useful information to others. Networking may support you to reach a position you initially felt was out of your realm and inspire you to work harder on daily basis. Networking can help people who aren’t confident as it pushes you out of your comfort zone to start a conversation, and make lasting connections with people.

In the end, it’s all mutual

When it’s done properly, professional networking can open doors for an abundance of opportunities. The key is reciprocation: if you’re open to helping others, then there’s a strong chance they will want to help you right back. Keeping open chains of communication with your network will provide a mutually beneficial setting for daily encounters for a successful career. Embrace this philosophy and your networking could lead to, well, pretty much anything.

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Nikhil Chhikara

Nikhil Chhikara