Introduction to the Arctic: Climate - University of Alberta, University of Tromso, University of the Arctic

Learn about the environments, the characteristics of the natural world, and also about climate and the prevailing atmospheric, oceanic and ice conditions of the Arctic.


The University of Alberta, the University of Tromso and the University of the Arctic invite you to explore this four week course that examines the environment and climate of the circumpolar North. This course is the result of an international collaboration and provides you with an insight into the Arctic. Following an overview of regional geography, study focuses on the cryosphere (ice), as well as the atmosphere and ocean of the region.

Students then learn why the Arctic is cold and ice covered, and how that impacts its climate and ecosystems. Learners consider how the Arctic is connected to the rest of the world. Finally, present day climate change, the processes driving it, and evidence for it in the Arctic, are examined.

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