Learn basic paleobiology from one of the world's top paleontologists, Dr. Philip J. Currie.

Dino 101 is the University of Alberta’s first Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) and is available on the Coursera MOOC platform. It is also Canada’s first MOOC made available for credit to both University of Alberta students and members of the general public.

It is led by Dr. Phil Currie, internationally renowned dinosaur expert and Canadian Research Chair in dinosaur paleobiology. We drew on the reputational strengths of the University of Alberta’s world class paleontology team in order to create a new new type of engaging and exciting MOOC with unprecedented levels of interactivity.

Leveraging Alberta’s rich fossil resources, students are transported right into the field, seeing dinosaurs bones literally unearthed before their eyes. Lessons reveal numerous secrets held within the bones of these once pervasive animals. Video instruction is liberally interspersed with interactive quizzes, visits to museums, guest speakers, a 3D fossil viewer, and much more.

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Download the Dino 101 app, the University of Alberta’s e-textbook companion to their popular Dino 101 MOOC on Coursera™! This stand-alone app contains Dino 101 course videos and interactive learning objects (like puzzles and games) for all dinosaur lovers. The first lesson in the course is free. Additional lessons ($0.99 USD) or the whole course ($9.99 USD) can be purchased within the app. All profits go towards paleontology research at the University of Alberta.


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