Capturing Inspiring Moments

A blog post by Suzy Spence, Animator.

As a designer you can get inspiration from anywhere - when you’re walking down the street and see a beautiful tree, when you’re at the grocery store and some new product packaging catches your eye, or when you’re taking in the scenery during a drive in the country.

Inspiring images usually come and go in an instant, so many designers try to take photos of the scene for reference. Today I would like to introduce a free mobile app that helps you easily capture inspiring moments - Adobe Capture.

Here are the essential features of the app:

  1. Shapes - transforms your photo into a vector image
  2. Colours - makes colour palettes from your photo
  3. Patterns - multiplies your image into beautiful patterns

Let’s try this App

I used this application last weekend when I took a road trip to the Rocky Mountains, specifically the colour palettes feature.

  1. The colour palette automatically grabs five colours from a photo and turns them into swatches.


  1. The application does a great job at choosing harmonious colours but it also gives you a variety of customization options.


While I was travelling, I was so amazed by the light grays of the mountains, the deep green of the trees and the pure blueness of the sky. Fortunately, I was able to capture all of these with this application.


  1. When I got home, I started to draw and was able to use the same colours of nature that inspired.


HERE is my final illustration with all colour I picked up from the Rockies.

It is such a simple and easy app that helps you to make beautiful art. It allows you to grab shapes and colours from your surroundings, upload them to the cloud and use them when you get home to your computer.

Now you too can capture the moment make great designs!

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Suzy Kwon Spence

Suzy Kwon Spence